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New Life

After enduring a childhood of neglect and trauma, Juliana Bennett found healing. Listen to Juliana and her husband Blake's episode of That Farm Life Podcast to hear their story.

New Life

by Juliana Bennett

Trauma, isn’t it mean?

The way it causes us

To long to be seen

It held me close

Chains of fear and pain

Freedom, something I thought I’d never gain

Wise for your age,

That’s what they always say

They don’t know

Evil things made me this way

Fear was the lens

I saw everything through

Fear of me, fear of you

Fear shields the truth

The fear had a place at one time

It kept me safe or so it seemed

But, this isn’t how God meant it to be

I chalked it up to humility

Insecurity and shame

Hate for myself

Others were to blame

It’s not humble to remain in fear

There is a reason God placed me here

He sees beauty in the pain

Now I see the same

I look in the mirror and there is beauty

It’s like I’m seeing for the first time

Beauty in me, beauty in you

The truth is, God knows all we’ve been through

He’s been there too

He breaks the chains

He calls us by name

Fear and pain

They have no place

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